Some Tips for Effective Technical SEO Implementation

There has been a lot of discussion about technical SEO in 2016 regarding its usefulness. Many of the people even said that technical SEO is no longer a factor to take into consideration in the digital marketing processes.

Nevertheless, if we just stick to the basic and the only correct definition of technical SEO that it’s a process to make on-site changes to make a website search engine friendly, almost all of us would agree on the fact that technical SEO is more than just alive. In fact, the successful technical SEO has been helping the websites to get better rank in search engines, as suggested by performance of several websites in 2016.

With that said, it might be necessary to mention some of the ideas that can help you to make your website more search engine friendly.

Check the number of indexed pages

Any process of repairing or improvement starts with analysis. Thus, you need to check how many pages of your website are indexed in the search engines. Tools like WebSite Auditor can help you check the status of your website in this regard. Below is an example of an index report.

Ensure that all valuable resources of your website are ready to be crawled through

It has become the common habit of website owners and developers to look into the robot.txt file in order to check the crawlability of any website. Remember, the robot.txt is used only to restrict particular pages from getting indexed; thus, it doesn’t help the pages to get indexed.

To ensure flawless and smooth crawling of search engine robots through your website, you need to make sure that you have made clean implementations to eliminate any resistance from CSS and JsvaScript that may come in the way of search engine robots.

Crawl budget optimization

The crawl budget refers to the number of pages of a website crawled through in a specific time duration. One can get basic idea about crawl budget by looking into Google search console.

The detailed page-by-page state of crawl budget is not made available by Google yet but you can look at the server logs to get enhanced details.

After knowing about the crawl budget, you must now be thinking about increasing this budget. Although there is no specific theory about how search engines assign the websites their crawl budget, but there are a few things that understandably play their roles in the crawl budget assigning process for a website. The first one is the internal linking of the website. And second one is the number of links pointing to the pages of that website. While the traffic coming from other websites is not included in technical chiropractic SEO, internal linking surely does. An approach to work on developing a robust and high quality internal linking is surely a general recommendation.

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